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Hi, and welcome to my Healing Garden Oils site. I've recently discovered dōTERRA essential oils a couple of months, and I just would like everyone could try these oils and see how wonderful they are!  I used to feel helpless about my health. I was constantly taking pills, which weren't solving my health issues. Now I teach women and families to care for themselves using powerful, natural tools that really work!


Let me explain the reason why I have choose dōTERRA:


Many people are getting sick for many reasons, especially younger and younger people. We are not immune to diseases, even worse, we are not aware of the surroundings, of what we eat, of what we use or smell. More and more people die of the terrible disease of Cancer. And now the recently deadliest Corona-virus that can spread easily in the air.


Besides the surroundings, I have heard that what one eats is what it is. In other words, if we eat junk food we are prone to obesity, disease and eventually Cancer. Not only what we eat reflects in our body, but also what we use in our homes. Chemicals such as Clorox and other detergents are affecting many people exposing them to toxins and harmful effects.


We need to take action on the matter and act now:


  1. Change all the chemical detergents we have in the house to plant based products.

  2. Buy a good water filter for the kitchen and the bathtub

  3. Changing our habits of eating any food, to eat healthier, especially plant-based

  4. Beauty Cosmetics to plant based.  

  5. The Cologne we use can be changed to Essential Oils Cologne

  6. Get a good air filter.

  7. Laundry, hand soap and Dish soap to plant-based as you see lately on Supermarket for one reason. Some companies recognized this and making a lot of changes.

  8. Exercise 30 minutes a day will impact your health in a positive way.

  9. Everything that is not natural it is not good for our body, period!


It is time to think, and change the way we live.  We want a healthier body and a better health, we need to start changing our life in more eco, healthier living.


I have started using dōTERRA Essential oils and my health improved drastically after I got sick for more than a year.  I went to to an Herbalist in NY and this is the first time I heard dōTERRA  essential oils.  After using them for several months i feel the need to share this wonderful herbal oils with others.  dōTERRA essential oils are 100% pure therapeutic grade. dōTERRA is the #1 essential oil company in the world.


I recommend to use dōTERRA for its purity, 100% herbal concentrated and natural healing. I am personally experiencing the benefits using it every day as I am a customer too. dōTERRA offer many varieties plant-based products from immune support to cleaning, skin care, hair care, allergies products, supplements, digestion, personal care, hand cleaners, dish cleaners, and a list of essential oils, aromatic and massage.

Do you want to become a doTERRA Customer or Wellness advocate? Check on Become a Member for more information or Join now!

Welcome to my Healing Garden Oils site:

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