Healing Gardens Oils were created in 2019 with the intention to bring great healing mind, body and hearts together. Helping you on your journey to find healing in all aspects of your life.


I have chosen deterred in our Healing Garden Oil's blog, because is all natural, organic or wild crafted ingredients from the earth.​At Healing Garden Oils, is offering varieties of different types of herbal alternative holistic medicine and healing properties through doTERRA products. In addition, we have other plant based products that support alternatives natural healing through other companies that support Healing Garden Oil's nature's way.

As an doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I want to promote not only deterred products, but emphasize the importance of not only consuming natural foods that helps us maintain better health but also using products derived from plant-based without chemicals, that help people stay out of chemicals that could harm health.

Healing Garden Oils are all plant-based products for personal use to consume food in a healthy way. Eating healthy and using plant-based products, some how, some way, is the best way to contribute to have a healing healthy body.

​Any questions, please feel free to email me at any time. Thanks.

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